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Online Ordering For Spring 2023 Textbooks And Course Materials Is CLOSED.

The Policies Listed Below Are In Effect until May 15,2023.

  • You have the first FOUR class days of each semester or block to return current semester textbooks. You must have your cash register receipt! If you have written or highlighted in your book or it is not in absolutely new resalable condition, twenty five percent will be deducted from the new price. Shrink wrapped textbooks and bundled textbooks are not returnable once opened. Internet codes, transmitters and all other access code and sealed materials are not returnable if accessed or opened. Custom printed text, lab packets and manuals are not exchangeable or returnable.

  • All rental textbooks are for ONE semester only! For additional rental information see Rental Term Agreement (will appear in checkout if you have a rental in your cart).

  • If you are enrolled in an Inclusive Access class you are granted access to the required eMaterial and will automatically be billed directly to your Student ID account via the Cobber Bookstore. If you drop the class or choose to opt-out of the program prior to the end of the 10th day of the semester you will not be charged. If you would like to opt-out please email: you are enrolled in Summer School the opt-out would be prior to the end of the 4th day of the course.

  • The Cobber Bookstore is not responsible or liable for incorrect or changed course material information. The information provided on this website is intended for use when shopping at the Cobber Bookstore and is not meant as a guarantee for purchases made other than at the Cobber Bookstore. For this reason, the Cobber Bookstore will not make exchanges, refunds, or any compensation for course materials purchased from any other source.

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