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Textbook orders can be placed on-line starting June 1st, 2017. For textbook orders placed between June 1st and July 31st, you have the option to have your order shipped to you or you may pick it up at the store on Sunday, August 27th from 10am-4pm.

Textbook orders placed between August 1st and August 25th are for instore pick-up only.

You may also purchase your textbooks at the Cobber Bookstore before and after the online available dates.

  • The lowest cost options are selected by default.  If you want new books you must change the type to New (you must do this individually for each class).  Although the Used textbook price is listed, it may not be in stock at the time we pack your order.  The Cobber Bookstore will automatically substitute and charge you for a New textbook when Used textbooks are not available.  Prices subject to change.  The bookstore will not contact you regarding any textbook substitutions or changes in your textbook order totals.

  • We suggest you wait to purchase optional books until you have been to class.  By default, both optional and required books are selected, so you must change the drop-down box titled "Select Item Quantity" to "Required" to order only the books required for your section.

  • You have the first FOUR class days of each semester or block to return current semester textbooks.  You must have your cash register receipt!  If you have written or highlighted in your book or it is not in absolutely new resalable condition, twenty five percent will be deducted from the new price.  Shrink wrapped textbooks and bundled textbooks are not returnable once opened.  Internet codes, transmitters and all other access code and sealed materials are not returnable if accessed or opened. Custom printed text, lab packets and manuals are not exchangeable or returnable.

  • Your textbook purchase may be made with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover).  You may also use your ID charge for textbook purchases only.  Your credit card or ID charge will be charged at the time we pack your order.

  • If your course or CRN is not listed or reads TBA (to be announced), the Cobber Bookstore has not received information from the instructor for your class. If the CRN is listed as "ALL-STAFF" then all CRN's of that class use the same books, regardless of the professor or CRN.

  • For textbook orders placed between June 1st and July 31st, you have the option to have your order shipped to you or you may pick it up at the store on Sunday, August 27th from 10am-4pm. Textbook orders placed between August 1st and August 25th are for instore pick-up only. If you choose instore pick-up, you must select "customer pickup" for your shipment method located on the shipping information page.  When a textbook order is submitted after July 31st with shipping charges the bookstore will remove the shipping charges from your order total.  The bookstore will not ship your textbook order or contact you regarding the removal of the shipping charges.

  • If a new and used textbook (lab packets not included) is not available, please place a special order.  Special Orders are NOT returnable or exchangeable once special order has been placed either via email with and/or in store using the special order form placed at the Book Information window.

  • If using a credit card for payment and it is declined...Instead of cancelling the order, we will change the form of payment from the credit card that was provided to your Student ID/Tuition account so you would still be able to get your books/course materials.  We will process your order using your Student ID/Tuition account as payment!

  • A Student ID is required when picking up your textbook order!  Remember in store textbook pick-up will begin:  AUG. 27th, 2017. Store Hours Sun. Aug. 27th - 10am-4pm

PLEASE BE ADVISED:  The Cobber Bookstore is not responsible or liable for incorrect or changed information and is not liable for course materials purchased in error from any other source than the Cobber Bookstore.  Course material information is subject to change by Concordia College faculty, department staff, and the Cobber Bookstore.  ISBNs may reflect package pricing and further research on your part with publishers and faculty may be needed to obtain correct course materials when purchasing outside of the Cobber Bookstore.

PLEASE BE ADVISED:  The information provided on this website is intended for use when shopping at the Cobber Bookstore and is not meant as a guarantee for purchases made other than at the Cobber Bookstore.  For this reason, the Cobber Bookstore is not responsible or liable for course materials that are purchased outside of the Cobber Bookstore.  The Cobber Bookstore will not make exchanges, refunds, or any compensation for books mistakenly purchased from any other source utilizing the information on this website.  When purchasing from another source than the Cobber Bookstore you may end up with incomplete, nonreturnable, and no value textbooks.


However, when purchasing course materials from the Cobber Bookstore, we guarantee the correct edition and material that your professor requires.  Additionally, textbooks purchased at the Cobber Bookstore may be returned with your Cobber Bookstore cash register receipt during the first FOUR class days of each semester or block, see details above.

Caution! All rental textbooks are for one semester only.  We can not guarantee a rental option for the following semester.


New and Used book prices may not reflect current inventory due to high traffic in the store.

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